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Prague, Czech Republic, 14 – 16 September 2020

pHealth 2020 is the 17th event in a series of international conferences on personalized health, to cater for patient needs and to facilitate patient engagement.

The 2020 edition of pHealth will emphasize the interrelated aspects framing ubiquitous pervasive health: mobile technologies, wellness, micro-nano-bio smart systems, bio-data management and analytics for personalized health, precision medicine and virtual care. It also addresses new potential risks for security and privacy as well as safety chances and challenges, the motivation of patients in care processes by game and gamification, and health systems challenges in developing countries. The intended outcome is intelligent and connected health devices and services leading to integrated care. The multilateral benefits of pHealth technologies for all stakeholder communities give enormous potential, not only for medical quality improvement and industrial competitiveness, but also for managing health care costs and, last but not least, improving patient experiences. One topic of the 2020 event will address opportunities and challenges of AI and robots in healthcare.